Tuesday, March 16, 2010

You Can't Always Get What You Want...

I just don't get kids these days. By kids I mean children 10+..
I mean my daughter is whiney and has some attitude but she's only 2 yrs old.
It's the terrible two stage.. Anyways, this girl I know.. (I'm not saying how I know her or anything so I don't get in shit) well she is spoiled beyond belief and still throws fits if she doesn't get what she wants. I just don't get it. She's frickin' 14 years old and has gotten everything she has ever asked for and her parents are AMAZING! but today she wanted to go to Square One to "window shop".. 1 That is a waste of gas, 2 Her parents are sick right now, 3 She really wants $100 LuLu Lemon pants that she doesn't have money for & 4 her parents said if she wants $100 pants she can pay for them herself... So why go all the way to Square One if you don't have the money for them and make your parents waste gas just to browse when we all know you're just going to whine and complain about not getting these pants and how your feet hurt.
Ugh, sorry people just had to rant. This person really bugs me when it comes to how she treats her parents. Back when I was younger you never ever treated your parents like that. I did grow up in a completely different environment though. Single mother, not alot of money.. etc.
I still don't understand how she can get away with the shit she does though.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Come on Fatso just bust a move!

Best song ever! ^

Anyways... I'm sitting here bored watching American Idol.. Apparently my "paranormal night" is no longer on.. Damn you A&E!! uggggh, now I have nothing to do haha.
Maybe I will play COD MF2... Well during my boredom I googled blue waffle because of some facebook thing, definitely shouldn't have. I don't even understand how that can happen... Just doesn't look right. On that note I am SOOOOOOOOO glad I have a super strong stomach. haha. So today I finally built a snowman with my babygirl! She had so much fun, kept hugging the snowman, and petting his dog.. ya that's right, I made him a dog. Their faces/features were made of peanut M&Ms but she kept eating them and the snow got in the bag.. They got all runny and yucky. But she still ate them :) haha. Anyways, I really have nothing to write about.. I'm just wasting time.. I need to get out more haha. Guess that's what happens when you become a mommy.. nothing else really matters but your babe. The last time I actually went out to drink/have fun was New Years Eve.. Wow I feel old :P is 21 considered old yet? Maybe it is cuz I keep on babbling! This is where it ends, Goodnight!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Volcanic Eruption

So I'm pretty sure that I have the most effed up dreams in the world! I will try to post them as they happen but I suck with short term memory. This dream was like a month ago, haha. This is the last full dream I remember. Anyways...

I arrived in an old town somewhere in India and was greeted by a Indian man who turned out to be my guide. He welcomed me and we began to walk around the village. We ended up near this Volcano, but it wasn't like a huge mountain or anything it was a hole in the ground and there was a young woman tied up right over the hole. The guide explained to me that the young woman was a princess and she was not to be freed until she found her true love and received a kiss from him. There were a bunch a men lined up to kiss her and see if she would be set free. Finally this over confident man walked up to the princess and kissed her. Then all these glowing sparkles started to wisp around her like in a magical disney movie. As he turned and was celebrating with all his male friends the volcano erupted and the princess was gone. After that all hell broke loose. A jaguar came bursting through the forest and was chasing all the villagers. So I booked it through the woods to try and free myself from the terror. As I was running through the woods there were all these other people trying to escape. Beside me was this young boy around 6 years old, and all I could think was "if I stay ahead of him I'll survive because the jaguar will attack him first". So I ran even faster and appeared through an opening, it was another part of the village. My guide came out of the woods and I asked him if we were safe, he told me we were for now but we should climb somewhere high to escape. Then there was this look of horror that took over his face, so I turned around and there was this gigantic black bear growling behind me. So I tried to climb a tree to escape but the bear kept dodging back and forth following my every move. So I shoved my guide man at the bear and climbed the tree.

Then I woke up.
I would love to know what all my dreams mean..
I have so many strange ones I just can't explain.
Oh well, it keeps me and the others I tell entertained, haha.